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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  January 24, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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to talk about fake news but they can't call the pope a foreign dictator. melissa: it's funny he makes that comparison it's about arrogance and -- interesting. sign of the times. that does it for us. david: risk and reward starts right now. liz: the president just moments ago at the white house the nation's mayor saying he thinks that the list of companies giving tax cut deals back to workers that that list will keep on growing. the president saying you know what? workers at companies not getting anything? they're saying quote, hey, what about us? now more than two reported companies have given tax cut raises, bonuses, and much more. and that 240 number doubled in just tweak two weeks time. now, howard schultz endorsed hillary clinton in the last election. is against tax cuts now correcting the tax cuts why it's putting out higher wages and benefits. other ceos like from disney,
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apple's tim cook, they don't go for trump. they're also citing the tax cuts as to why they too are giving out bonuses and much more. and registered democrat jp morgan ceo is raising pay. he's doing tax cut give backs. we've got details. and the president again just moments ago says he does plan to cut more deals in davos. he flies there tonight to the world economic forum. it's a gathering that the president attacked on the campaign trail. the global elites now bracing for his message. protests already underway. but could more trump deals be bad news for democrats this year in the election? democrats now scrambling. we break it down. also, several mayors boycotted the president's infrastructure meeting at the white house this afternoon. over the new crack down of sanctuary cities. the president, though, he just got a round of applause from mayors at the white house. the justice department now saying it will push back against 23 jurisdictions based on the president saying we need to do that to keep the nation safe. he got a lot of applause from
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mayors too on that. and he also said the president democrat mayors, the guys boycotting my meeting, they had done a terrible job putting us at risk. we've got a sheriff here to react. and new evidence suggesting a big scandal is brewing within the top ranks of the fbi. missing text messages to questioning the mueller probe as having quote no, there there to an anti-trump group and perceived bias toward hillary clinton. we're going to show you what's fact and what's fiction. tonight an all-star guest lineup. wall street pro and money manager keith fitzgerald versus kelly. republican congressman ralph norman and former pentagon official michael reuben all here all tonight. politics, money, we've got you covered. i'm elizabeth macdonald. risk and reward, it starts right now. >> i do believe that corporate tax side will result in job creation and a faster-growing economy. >> it's a big deal. it's going to have a huge effect. increasing wages and one-time
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bonuses. >> we're going to be doing a lot of things as a result of this tax bill because it was very, very good policy. >> over time, that retained capital will be used to grow businesses, rnd, higher wages, competition, and over time will be very good for america liz: the dow swinging nearly 300 points midday after hitting all-time highs. the index hitting up at a record 41 points at 26,252. but first to the 241 companies doing tax cut give backs to workers. starbucks announcing today it is giving workers $120 million worth of pay raises. $500 in stock grants to workers as much as 2,500 to managers there. that's worth $100 million alone and all because of the republican tax cuts. starbucks founder howard schultz was never a fan of president trump. schultz opposed corporate tax cuts as being unfair to workers. he also opposed president trump's travel ban and
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immigration reform. but even starbucks is now saying quote it is giving its tax cut bonuses and pay raises because of quote the recent changes in the u.s. tax law. starbucks, the stock closing down more than a percent to $60 and change. here up nearly 6%. let's bring in money pro, wall street pro, keith fitzgerald. keith, good to see you. >> thanks for having me. always great to be here, liz. liz: so howard schultz at starbucks once said corporate america doesn't need a big tax cut. it won't create a level playing field. it looks like he's contradicting himself now. what do you think? >> i think contradicting himself with capital letters. you know, it's funny what happens when you have a lot of cash to work with. business changes, the calculus changes, it's good for workers, it's good for the companies. and i think he is a good ceo. so he's going to realize that the tide is going against him, and he's capitulated here. that's how i read this. liz: you know, democrats have attacked this tax cut stuff as trickled down. it's not trickled down as we
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said here. it's trickle out and jonathan said the same thing. i mean, here's the thing. do you remember disney's ceo bob iger quit trump's advisory counsel after the president with drew the climate agreement and apple's ceo tim cook, he went after the president on immigration. now it looks like they're doing a 180. what do you think? >> i think they all ought to go to starbucks and have a big slice of humble pie. you know, you get the government out of the way, it's good for profits. and i think, again, these are all quality ceos. they run good companies, they do good things. and i think they're realizing which way the wind is blowing. that's good for shareholders, it's good for investors, and it's good for all employees at these companies. liz: you know, we've talked on the show about how the trump cabinet i think nine out of ten are business leaders. obama had less than 10%. is the white house now making believers out of, you know, far left or liberal business leaders? what do you think? >> you know, i thought a lot about that, and i'm not laughing at them. i'm laughing with them. because begrudgingly, they
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have no choice but to become believers. liz: here's the thing. liberal ceos. either going to buck up and give president trump and the republicans credit if economic growth really does come back. because keith, we're talking about three straight quarters of 3% plus growth. we haven't seen that in 14 years. you think that they're going to say, hey, you know what? we've been wrong. but wait a second, keith. the media is still sticking to their narrative. keith, i want your reaction to these sound bytes. let's take a listen. >> we just had a litany of businesses that are going to give back to the american people. but isn't it unfair to give the president credit for that? they already had that money in their coughers; right? they would have not turned it loose otherwise? . liz: saying, yeah, the tax cuts is why they are turning loose and democrats still sticking to their talking points. tax cuts for workers critic the democrat's tax cut for the rich narrative. here's nancy pelosi.
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>> in terms of the bonus that corporate america received versus the crumbs that they are giving to workers to kind of put the schmooze on is so pathetic. it's so pathetic. i think it's insignificant. >> it is a trillion and a half dollars that the republicans gave away to billionaires and to giant corporations. and they expect hard-working families to just pick up the ticket. >> i think it's based upon the bill fake news. clearly, the analysis of the bill shows that some 41 million americans are going to get a tax hike of which 24 million are so-called middle class americans. middle income americans. so i don't know what mulvaney's talking about. . liz: well, that was totally wrong because joint community taxation says 60%, 80% of americans -- middle class too, are going to get tax cuts. i mean, they really hit the end of the load with that tax
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cuts for the rich narrative; right? keith, what do you think? >> they are digging themselves in so deep that they're going after pure victory instead of celebration of success in america. if nancy pelosi think that a couple trillion dollars are crumb, i would hate to see how she defines the entire pie. this is an absolutely travesty of politicians. what they should be doing -- and, again, i'm not normally a politician. a political kind of guy. but when it comes to money, the clear decision here is to say, hey, we made a mistake. this is actually having really good things to do. how can we bring our policy to the table? let's go across the aisle and talk about how we can make this work for the next election. if they really want to remain credible, i don't think they have another option, liz. liz: but, keith, you've watched elections. have you ever seen democrats behave like this? this is not our parent democrat party. what do you think? >> i think the parties have completely transmografied. i'm a big calvin and hobbs fan and calvin was great making up
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whatever he wanted. and that seems to be the motive for people who did agree with trump. again, they're into burning the boats rather than celebrating the fact that everybody's here, the economy's rolling, wages are good, employment's good. it's not perfect. but there's no such thing as a perfect world. that's why we continually work together to make it better. liz: and lifting the boats as jfk says. good to see you, keith. great to have you on the show. really appreciate it. okay. let's get back to the story. will democrats pay dearly to sticking to their #resisttrump. not one democrat voted for tax cuts and democrats just shut down the government. the narrative now is that democrats favored illegal immigrants over a u.s. soldiers and things like getting our soldiers paid on time. let's take it to the political power panel. fox news political analyst and democrat strategist wendy. good to see you guys. >> hi, liz. . liz: okay. here's the lay of the land. ten red state democrats that trump won. they're up for reelection this year. all of them voted to stop the
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government shut down. they're saying reopen the government. all of them voted against the tax cuts. these guys, you know, the democrats need flyover states to see back control of congress. they just can't do it with the coast; right? so how are they going to do it? >> you know, it's interesting to me because they continue with this resistance movement. the only resistance i think is you shall resist the devil and he shall flee from you. honestly, the truth of the matter is what democrats said would happen when it comes to the tax plan was proven to be a complete fallacy. we see that companies all over the country and even folks from outside of the country are coming in and invested billions of dollars into our economy, hiring employees, raising wages, and even apple repatrioting $256 billion back into our economy? this is going to be very detrimental to the democratic party, who chose to resist the prosperity of the american
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people. and as they continue in their resistment campaign, they're going to resist having any kind of message whatsoever to win back any chamber of commerce. and it looks as though the republicans would lose seats because any first term president, the person lose seats generally since the civil war. there's only been three times. this may be the fourth that it hasn't happened. this may be the fourth time that republicans or whoever is in power doesn't actually lose seats thanks to the tax refor r. liz: yeah, it's about usually midterms are a protest vote. it's usually a vote against something. but, you know, wendy, chuck schumer voted for the reagan tax cuts. so did ted kennedy and joe biden has been for tax cuts in the past. watch this. we have red state democrat joe manchin, he's still slamming the tax cuts just moments ago to our own neil cavuto. let's take a listen. neil: goldman sachs supporter hillary clinton said he thinks
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that donald trump is driving this economy. jamie diamond over at jp morgan chase is saying because of these tax cuts, he thinks it's going to produce 4% growth. if that pans out, you've just paid for the tax cuts. >> if it pans out for ten years, thank god. if it doesn't pan out, go and look at your children and grandchildren and thank them because they'll be paying for it. liz: ten years. is manchin is campaign on that? will manchin be in office long enough to find out? >> what we're seeing here is they're actually laying people off. at&t is bound to lay off thousands. and now we just found out that $46 billion in revenue was cut because tourism costing people jobs. liz: those job layoffs probably in the works for a long time. you see no -- do you see zero
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upside in the tax cuts? >> you know, -- liz: you didn't see anything good in the 2 million people getting bonuses? you see no good there? >> and like i said, if it pays off in the long run, yes. but what we're seeing is that trickle down to people losing jobs. the tourism is directly -- liz: yeah, but it's not because of tax cuts. it's because restructuring the u.s. economy, as it usually goes. here's the thing. companies are also immediately raising pay whereas states are phasing in minimum wage pay increases over years out. a lot of companies are raising pay immediately. that has to have a positive effect right, giano? >> absolutely it does. and what we saw over the years we talk about individual states, you talk about illinois or anywhere else. we see the governors and state legislatures rather companies in these states that said, hey, we'll be willing to raise our minimum wage if we get tax reform. they said that in numerous conversations. we needed the federal level. we need it at the local level. that's what companies have said. and we see that we have a gop
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that has delivered on that commitment, and we're seeing companies operate immediately, react immediately to benefit the american people. so -- >> companies are cutting jobs. they are cutting jobs. liz: we hear you, wendy. >> before tax reform was ever in play. liz: thank you very much. you both will be back later. and be sure to catch the counselor the president kellyanne conway tonight on making money with charles payne at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. don't miss it. next up, let's check your money. whip saw action on the money today. the dollar dropping to three-year lows. oil surging to three-year highs. the treasury secretary -- secretary said he supports a weak dollar. intel, ge, apple weighing on the dow. let's get to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange with the latest. nicole. >> it was another day of records. the dow, the nasdaq, and the s&p all hit intraday highs. but there was some unevenness in the market. again, just like yesterday where the dow went over that unchanged line 98 times. again, we saw a pretty big swing. it was up 183 points, down 180
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points, but closed up 41. general electric weighed on the dow. it was down again. has been down in the last 52 weeks. doing some restructuring. they missed on the quarter and then the latest charge on the company. on the other hand, those tech stocks, netflix held onto a gain, hit an all-time high. some of the others came off of those earlier highs. microsoft, google, facebook hit all-time highs again. back to you. liz: thank you, nicole. now, the media loves it when liberal hollywood celebrities like angelina jolie and ban owe visit davos. my next guest says that's not the case for the president's visit tomorrow, it's a bad thing somehow. rnc spokesperson caylee is going to talk about that double standard after this [ phone rings ] hey maya.
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. liz: the president heading to davos switzerland where he will be speaking to global elites. that spent much of his 2016 campaign attacking. that's what got him into office. the president now pushing his america first agenda. he wants to strike business deals and create u.s. jobs. no sitting president besides bill clinton has attended this event. that's nearly two decades ago. but the media now criticizing president trump for his trip. >> in america first agenda is the opposite of what is welcome at the world economic forum. >> if it's a fractured world, many in davos blame president donald trump for doing the fracturing. >> he is the president of the united states. that comes with responsibility of moral leadership. you are the beacon of hope for so many countries around the globe. he embarrasses us. liz: and nancy pelosi already out there attacking the
5:20 pm
president as quote elitists were going. reminder joe biden, john kerry, al gore have been to davos. the president also saying in effect that the president does not belong in davos. >> what went in the president's decision to go to davos? the first sitting president to go since 2000. a lot of what this forum is about is to go against his populous america first agenda. can you explain the decision-making process. liz: caylee, what's your reaction to the media coverage here? >> first, it's quite ironic to hear nancy pelosi talk about elitism when she is probably the biggest elite in washington. the media is in their average spin game what they always do. everything president trump does has to be negative. he hasn't even gone to davos and they're already talking negatively. it's absolutely ridiculous. president trump is advocating for american interest at davos, not cozying up to global elite. that was the obama game. apologize for america on the world stage.
5:21 pm
donald trump will advocate for american interests. liz: you know, the transportation secretary just said today if people don't want to listen to trump in davos, they can just leave. but caylee, isn't this the exact same crowd the president needs to swing to his side? i mean, it would be quite a victory george soros say you know what, trump? you're right? >> that's exactly right. all the more reason to go to davos if this is the hub of the global elite, the hub of world leaders that are liberal like president obama was. this is their hub. all the more reason to go there and make eminently clire that america will come first. that is my priority. i need allies, yes, but the american worker to come first. liz: i was being facetious. i don't think george soros is going there any time sign. but when they get to see hollywood celebrities like angelina jolie, leonardo dicaprio. i have to say it again. joe biden, bill clinton, al gore, they all went there. they called it the mecca of
5:22 pm
world solution. what's your take? >> i don't think it's the mecca of world solution. they always think the celebrity class can solve all the world's problems from the stages of the emmys or i guess at davos. but what you know? this is no longer the home of celebrities, the home of the elites, the home of the top businessmen and women. this is going to be the home of the american worker. president trump is going to place the needs of our country squarely in the face of individuals who have been standing in the way. liz: caylee, thank you. don't forget treasury secretary mnuchin. now, next up, several liberal mayors boycotting the president's infrastructure meeting at the white house due to the new crack down on sanctuary cities. the president saying democrat mayor like new york bill de blasio putting our nation's safety at risk. at that meeting today, president trump really stuck it to the mayors who are boycotting. he fought back. my next guest, he grieves for the president. he's calling for a national sanctuary city ban. he's texas county sheriff
5:23 pm
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>> later this morning, we're going to announce that we have identified 23 jurisdictions that we think may not be in compliance with federal law. we are sending them a document request and if they don't answer that, we're sending them a subpoena. these are the jurisdictions that politicians say they're going to charge criminal aliens, illegal aliens who have committed crimes with lesser offenses than they would charge u.s. citizens. these are the jurisdictions that have politicians that release criminal aliens back onto the street after they commit crimes so that they can commit more crimes against their citizens. i mean, this is what caused kate steinle's death. so what we have here is we have given them federal dollars, your taxpayer dollars to cooperate with federal law enforcement. they didn't have to take that money, but they did. and when they took it, they said they would comply with federal law. so we're saying is if we find out you're not complying with federal law, we're taking the tax dollars back. liz: within days of a government shut down, no immigration deal. the justice department in a new crack down.
5:27 pm
now threatening 23 sanctuary cities, including new york, chicago, and l.a. with subpoenas if they fail to show whether local enforcement officers are sharing information with federal authorities or criminal illegal immigrants. federal grant money could be pulled from these cities. this as new reports are out that the violent gang ms13 now wants to send younger, more violent offenders to the u.s. let's bring in jackson county texas sheriff aj. good to see you, sheriff. >> good afternoon. good evening. liz: now, you're calling for a national sanctuary city ban. why? >> it's appropriate. we're talking about $84 million in 2016 alone. law enforcement needs that money. i mean, that's vital for what we do in texas and around this nation. this is burn money that is critical for law enforcement. and we need to follow a law. it's just professional law enforcement. this money affects what we do in our job and sanctuary
5:28 pm
policies are destroying that. so we have a public safety issue that's critical for this country. folks who are in this country already illegally and we're going to have to pull money from law enforcement because because portions are not following the federal law. liz: you know, sheriff, the president just moments ago at the white house, he had invited mayors of cities around the country to talk about infrastructure. we had some democrat mayors say -- deciding to boycott. we have new york city mayor bill de blasio tweeting out quote i will not be attending today's meeting at the white house over the justice department decision to renew quote their racist assault on immigrant communities. the president's fighting back, sheriff, saying that these mayors like mayor bill de blasio are putting criminal illegals first over law-abiding citizens. let's listen to this sound byte first. i want your reaction. >> the mayors who choose to
5:29 pm
boycott this event have put the needs of criminal illegal immigrants over law-abiding americans. but let me tell you. the vast majority of people showed up. liz: showed up to his meeting. i mean, what's your reaction to that? >> texas sheriffs agree with this. i agree with this. professional law enforcement agrees with this. following the rule of law in this country whether it's immigration, violations and the breaking of those laws along with anything that goes along with the fbi or bureau of firearms, drug enforcement administration, we follow those laws. and why is it that immigration is an issue? when people come into this country illegally, why is it that those criminals, why are they being protected? and those of us in professional law enforcement, we should participate. we should partner, and we should work together for
5:30 pm
public safety in this country. liz: sure. thank you so much for coming on, sir, and thank you for your service to our country. really appreciate it, sir. new evidence suggesting a big scandal is brewing within the top ranks of the fbi from missing text messages to questioning the mueller probe is having no, there there. to an anti-trump group and perceived bias towards hillary clinton. republican congressman ralph norman, he has the latest on all of the above after this ♪ mvo: it's not necessarily about eating together, but it's about building relationships with one another. because that will manifest change. ♪ i'll stand by you. mvo: anybody can make a difference. it's easy to give back. it's just a little bit of time. ♪ ♪ i'll stand by you.
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>> essential player is the guy who you identified. peter struck. the first batch of text messages he talks about the insurance policy in case the american people make donald trump president. this latest batch, he talks about unfinished business. he unleashed it during the midyear exam, which was the code name they had for the clinton investigation. now he says i need to finish it and fix it. four minutes after that text message, he sends another message to lisa paige where he says an investigation that leads to impeachment. if that doesn't go to their entire motive, their entire plan, what they had in store and the animus they had for president trump, i don't know what does. peter struck was the key guy in the clinton investigation. interviewed mills, interviewed aberdeen, interviewed clinton. he was the guy who changed the exoneration. liz: that's jim jordan. he's saying the fbi official peter struck who was involved in both the hillary clinton e-mail probe and special counsel robert mueller's russia probe, he has since been demoted from that. and he is the common
5:35 pm
denominator in the scandal now unfolding at the fbi. let's bring in republican congressman of south carolina ralph norman. what are your thoughts about the way jim jordan just laid it out there? >> well, congressman jordan was who we had our meeting at freedom caucus. we talked about the memo. and a group of us 40, 50 members went down and read it. and i can tell you it's going to be shocking when the american people when it gets declassified, which it should, are going to be shot. and the sad part about all of this. liz: why are they going to be shocked, sir? i mean, what does the memo say? >> i can't get into what it says. it's classified, so i can't get into the particulars. all i can tell you it makes watergate look like childs play and the american people deserve. and, you know, the fbi ought to be nonpartisan, as congressman jordan said, you shouldn't have people employed by the fbi saying what they
5:36 pm
did about a presidential candidate. liz: when is it going to be declassified? >> i think they've got a process the intelligence committee led by kevin nunez has 19 days and devon nunez. so i think we're going to begin the process and hopefully we'll be -- it will be sooner rather than later. liz: sir, new architects also revealed peter struck may have expressed concern about joining robert mueller's russia probe team because quote there was nothing there. what do you make of all of that? >> well, it just needs to be flushed out. and everybody ought to see this four-page document that it's voluntarily to see. all you have to do is go down there and sign a nondisclosure agreement. you can't take anything in. you can't take anything out. and why wouldn't every member of congress go down and read it. again, the american people are going to be shocked when they see it. and it needs to be out. liz: cnn political analyst, you know, getting -- talking about the russia, russia,
5:37 pm
russia probe. cnn analysts suggesting the mueller investigation is no longer about russia collusion. it's about something entirely different. roll tape. >> this is not an abstract academic investigation into what might have happened with russian hacking. this is a guy who locks people up for a living and has spent his whole career doing it who is looking for evidence of crimes and trying to track down where and when and who might have been involved anything. any crime. broadly conceived, including obstruction. liz: so the christopher seal dossier is thought to launch the russia probe. that has been rejected as unproven. and now it's about obstruction. wait a minute. taxpayers are paying millions of dollars on the mueller investigation and now it's about president trump firing jim comey? what's going on here? >> well, that will play out as it will. but i think right now, the american people deserve just the facts. nothing more. just the facts as they come out. and unless it damages national
5:38 pm
security, which this memo does not and others, imagine. the text disappearing. how amateur is that? the american people aren't going to buy that. liz: they're saying it's because of samsung and new samsung phones the fbi and the technicalities there. that's why the five months of text messages are gone. those text messages could have been exchanged during that time, sir. it's right around the time when the president did fire james comey. he's been -- the president's been heavily criticized for doing that as far as stepping into the investigation. and that was wrong to do. what are your thoughts about the disappearing text messages? >> well, just what most americans think. disappearing? really? it's like hillary clinton saying you can scrub her computer and get the information off of it. it doesn't make sense. american people aren't going to buy that. and with technology as it is today, they ought to -- we can find the five months of text messages, regardless of what it says. and the people ought to demand
5:39 pm
it. the politicians ought to demand it, which is what congressman jordan and others, including myself, are doing. release the memo and wherever else it goes, the american people deserve to see it. and i think it will be. liz: i hear you. white house press secretary sarah sanders asking the media to cover the story of those missing fbi text messages as close as they are at the russia, russia, russia collusion story. let's roll tape. >> i think he thinks that there's a great cause for concern that five months worth of text messages have gone missing. you guys are absolutely obsessed with everything to do with collusion. if it has anything to do with the president. we hope that you will take some of that same obsession, energy, and direct it to some of the places where it looks like there could have been some really inappropriate and possibly illegal behavior. liz: illegal behavior. what could that illegal behavior be? >> well, we're going to find out when it comes out, and i think, you know, we just want the truth. and the text will show that.
5:40 pm
but they can't get by with just saying it's all of a sudden not available. it mysterily disappeared. no. that doesn't add up. no more than the things that -- this collusion, russian collusion, the press other than fox that be intent on, you know, what happened to hillary. well, let's see what the facts are and what really went on between the text. losing them is not something that's going to be -- liz: we have to wrap up. quickly. how worried are you now about our intelligence authorities wiretapping and secretly spying on regular americans? how worried are you about that? >> well, i'm concerned about it. and that's why it needs to be out there. and they'll let the chips fall where they may. if people need to go to jail. if people need to be put on a witness stand, let's do it. liz: you think they should? >> i think let's see what comes out and let's let those in the and it proper authorities to determine what happens. but, again, this is going to
5:41 pm
make watergate look like childs play, and i think that once americans see it, it will be shocking to say the least. liz: congressman norman, thank you so much for coming on, sir. we really appreciate it. >> my pleasure. liz: okay. democrats going after trump's border wall. coming up, we have a guest who says you know what? countries around the globe, they have come to rely on border walls to keep their own nations safe. it's been going on for centuries. he's going to show you examples. but first, did you know democrat minority leader chuck schumer used to be against chain migration and for president trump's married-based, skill-based immigration plan? we're going to show you the chuck schumer -- schumer that chuck schumer doesn't want you to see. that's after this ooooooh snap!!
5:42 pm
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>> liberals and a lot of democrats are furious with you right now. what's your response to all of that anger?
5:45 pm
>> well, look, i've advanced the cause. most people do understand. most of the democrats here on capitol hill perfectly understand. we don't have the levers of power. all of us in the democratic caucus not just the moderates but the liberals as well came to the view that if we carried it on much longer, two things would happen. a, no one would budge. the public would lose support of the shutdown. people love the dreamers but don't want the government shut down for it. so we cut the best deal that we could. liz: pretty blunt talk from democrat senator chuck schumer. now coming under fire from the left over giving in to stopping the government shut down. the spark by the fight over daca. minority leader pleating with rachel maddow that they did try to cut the best deal they could. wendy, it sounds like chuck schumer had some common sense and blunt talk coming from him in that conversation. what do you think? >> i think that schumer has to also be very careful as well. there are a lot of democrats like myself who begin to question why was there even a
5:46 pm
government shut down? and i said this once, and i'll say it again. i felt that there were times that the democrats lack a spine. and we have to be honest with ourselves. but what i want us to underscore is the fact that in a recent poll, 59% of americans said that they blame president trump forgetful shut down. so i don't think this would hurt him. but i do think the democrats -- liz: that could be mislead -- that would be the media not reporting why the democrats shut it down. it was the far left that yanked it so far to the left. but i want to get to this point. chuck schumer used to be against chain -- well, let me back up. chuck schumer is not liking the president's immigration policies. but back in the day, guys, chuck schumer when he was a congressman, he did support skilled-based migration, and he was against chain migration. >> saying subsidy not simply
5:47 pm
be family relationships that determines who comes here. this bill says that if you have a skill that america needs, we're going to accept you. liz: what do you think, giano? >> well, during that time, there was a lot of common sense democrats. that time has obviously left. i mean, outside of wendy, that is. we have democrats that are in elected offices who really want to control and have the power. they know that the minority majority will be the hispanic population and others, and they want to get onboard the train. now, to reference the point that wendy just made in terms of that survey, interestingly enough, she's right that folks did blame president trump. but they also blamed the democratic party, and they gave the least amount of blame to the republican party. liz: that's a good point. >> because at the end of the day this was a democratic party's fault. there shouldn't have been a shutdown and wanted to see health care go to many people, the children that needed it, and not have it shut down over something that maybe didn't impact them as much. so i can understand that.
5:48 pm
these are american citizens. and it makes sense. so we will have a vote on daca soon enough. and as we should. and we'll make those points later as to what the outcome is and why the outcome was what it was. liz: let's get to presiden president trump's can tweet. he blasted schumer's decision to pull the border wall from negotiations over the daca program saying quote crying chuck schumer fully understands, especially after his humiliating defeat that there is -- if there is no wall, there's no dream deal. there's no daca deal. must have security along with a strong military for great people. you know, wendy, chuck schumer telling rachel maddow that the democratic party doesn't have any leverage right now. is that the position they want to be in? >> no, that's not the position we want to be in. that's why we're looking forward to the midterms where we will reclaim the house. but right now, i question the president because during this whole time of conversation of negotiation, he did not have a role. so for him to sit there and send that tweet, it's highly questionable.
5:49 pm
liz: why are you saying he didn't have a role. earlier didn't talk a lot or do a lot during negotiations. but he's the president. >> and that is the issue. . liz: but, you know, wendy, let me back up. if he had stepped in at this point, would that have made things more incendiary and just made it, you know -- let me back up. in government shutdowns in years past, presidents have not stepped in as forcefully as they have. and so he's just doing what other presidents did. >> no. actually, let's underscore the point. the president said in 2011 and 2013. the current president said if the government shuts down, it's the president's fault. so he had said that his leadership style is one that he would step in. so this is shows the flaws. liz: giano and wendy -- >> real quick if i can. the largest liberal publication and black publication just put out a piece called democrats are not our friend for the midterms are going to look -- liz: we ran out of time. thank you so much. i really appreciate you two. democrats withdrawing their
5:50 pm
offer to fund the president's border wall saying the border wall is dated, just won't work. but my next guest says countries around the globe have come to rely on border walls to keep their nations safe. he's going to explain after this. >> a border wall is a waste of money. >> i think the wall was a great idea in the 15th century. >> it's just idiotic. p) achoo! achoo! (snap) (snap) achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on? zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam. i just drank tons of water a proall the time, it was never enough. my dentist suggested biotene. my mouth felt more lubricated. i use the biotene rinse and then i use the spray. biotene did make a difference. [heartbeat] ...from godaddy! in fact, 68% of people who have built their... using gocentral, did it in under an hour, and you can too. build a better website - in under an hour.
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5:54 pm
israeli officials say their border walls have reduced terrorist attacks by a lot. >> there is almost a bombing a kay if not more. they put up a border wall and the number of terrorist attacks decreased by 90%. people say if they can't go over it, they will tunnel under it. but israel solved that with border technology. india and pakistan are enemies. and they fought four wars. once india put up the border wall, the conflict froze.
5:55 pm
but we don't have all the terrorist acts in ipped yeah as we once did. liz: has the wall between them basically cut the conflict there? >> it's frozen the conflict a bit. a decade ago pakistani-based terrorist attacks a luxury hotel in bombay. this is the sort of thing the walls help prevent. liz: morocco's wall took 7 years to build and it helped end the heroin war. what are your thoughts here? >> war broke out in 1975 between morocco and an algerian-based terror group. morocco built a sand berm over
5:56 pm
several years and that froze the conflict and allowed peace talks to start because the terrorists couldn't get in. one of the most of interesting cases where people say walls are illegal. the united nations sponsored one, they built one on disputed territory and that creates a precedence of legality under international law.
5:57 pm
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cme group - how the world advances. so, howell...going? we had a vacation early in our marriage that kinda put us in a hole. go someplace exotic? yeah, bermuda. a hospital in bermuda. a hospital in bermuda. what? what happened? i got a little over-confident on a moped. even with insurance, we had to dip into our 401(k) so it set us back a little bit. sometimes you don't have a choice. but it doesn't mean you can't get back on track. great. yeah, great. i'd like to go back to bermuda. i hear it's nice. yeah, i'd like to see it. no judgment. just guidance. td ameritrade. liz: we have a big guest coming up next hour, kelly and conway. we'll be talking about the a trade war and companies giving back to their employees.
6:00 pm
and wilbur ross will join marianne rafferty fromr --will o tomorrow morning. charles: we begin with the trump team take over davos, switzerland, white house officials sweeping the headlines. we hit a air pocket after commerce secretary wilbur ross made comments about the u.s. getting tougher on trade deals. steven mnuchin said people probably overreacted to a weaker dollar. president trump: i'm going to davos now to get people to invest in the united states. i


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